Teazers Hair Salon Uses Quality Professional Products

Nature is our Stylist…

Nature is inspiring, creative, sexy with a style all her own. Part artist, part innovator, Nature has already given us everything we could ever need to take care of ourselves.

Eufora is Environmentally Friendly

Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel, the foundation of the Eufora line, is utilized for its legendary healing and moisturizing qualities. Their advanced protein system balances Soy, Wheat, Keratin, and Oat proteins at their optimum molecular weights. Only premium quality plant extracts, flower extracts and pure essential oils are used to create a true aromatherapy experience. Best of all, their products are people, animal, and planet friendly!

Since Eufora’s beginning, the heart of all of their decisions have been based on the interest of the salon and their clients. This has resulted in their exclusive and successful zero-diversion sales policy, meaning that you will only receive the highest quality products and will not find it being sold anywhere other than select Eufora professional salons.

Teazers is the only Eufora Salon in Vancouver

Teazers Salon is the only salon in Vancouver that offers the complete Eufora product line. This includes their main line (soon to be catergorized into Eufora Promises for Thinning, Smooth, Volumizing, Nourishing, Curly, and Styling), their HERO Men’s line, and their Beautifying Elixirs advanced reconstruction line.

We sell the complete line of Eufora Hair Care products